Attention: Mr Democracy

I agree with Julias Malema – everybody should have the right to education, to a university.  Everyone should have the right and a choice to further themselves.

My focus is on EVERYONE.

My focus is on THE RIGHT TO. 

South Africa should be a proud country with many schools and universities to adapt to an ever growing and developing world, delivering students of world class.  Proud human beings that know they accomplished their qualification through hard work, perseverance and achievers of world class standards.  People that went to school in a safe environment with teachers they understood, surrounded by a culture they can relate to and creators of lifelong traditions and pride for the institutions they went to.  A rainbow nation where people stood together at different places in one country, to achieve the same goal: development and growth!

It is January 2018 – many children couldn’t find place in a school, the queues to register at Universities or long distance institutions are endless and universities are simply full.

I am not a politician, but this is a simple match?

Too many children.  Too little schools.

Too many students.  Too little universities.

I see protest, marches, accusations and threats – but to date I haven’t seen any public display or a plan actually solve the problem.

If there wasn’t enough space in 2017, how would there be in 2018 … and what is the plan and solutions on the table for 2019?

Racisms is being pushed down the throat of every black child that didn’t get a space at a school, promises are made that cannot be kept … and actually?  People of all races and cultures and languages in this country want the same thing: to get along, work together, build and develop our country – WITH THE FOCUS ON TOGETHER.  People of all races have poor communities, middle class and upper class.

I refuse to belief that the political scenario created of racism is the actually feel on the ground.  Whether you are black, Indian, white, coloured or an immigrant from another nationality, we all want the same for our children: proper education and a chance to get a job one day they love.  We all want the same thing!

I have some questions – as a parent, as a believer in democracy and equal rights!

How many books could have been purchased with all the money spent on protests at universities?

Where is the public display for proposed new schools in an environment that is accessible to children with qualified teachers they can understand?

Kindly show me the budget to erect a new university so that more people can study?

What will be done to protect these unbuild schools against destruction when students are unhappy?

Is the actual plan destruction and destabilisation of one school at the expense of another?

I am anxious to hear, how many bricks can you buy for the racially motivated court cases being planned?

Kindly make the statistics available on damaged and burnt schools in the country and how will such actions be prevented in future?

Please inform the community that is so large in numbers they can’t all fit into their community hall, how you plan to fit all their children into a school in another area, with a different language and culture?

Disadvantaged children are everywhere: those that can’t see, some can’t hear, some are illiterate at the age of 10.  Disadvantaged children have no colour – they have disabilities and need a special school!  Any front-page news that the certificate has been issued for water and electricity on a site allocated for this building?

I fail to see how you can promise free education in a country where the universities and educational institutions have always relied on student and school fees to survive and be maintained?

Do you have accommodation, aftercare, transportation and the rest in place for the poor that can’t afford school fees – not even in their own community, how should they manage in a different community?

Have you made plans, prepared a budget, made achievable promises that 2018 will be the year of building and development?  Have you identified the areas where schools can be built and the most central and accessible place for two new universities?  Have you identified the potential teachers and tutors so they can be ready when the day arrives?  Have you set the funds aside to pay these teachers, workers and admin personnel to teach students of whom the majority cannot pay?

Where is the job creation and empowerment in all the destruction?

New skills.  New teachers.  New futures.

Where is the pride and belonging of being part of a school with traditions and stories to tell when your own children attend the school one day … if there are no accessible schools created?

When facilities are poor, teachers under qualified, books late or buildings not maintained – it seems to be acceptable to damage structures.  When facilities cannot be used due to self destruction … it becomes a racial issue?  How many existing schools will be damaged and if education is such an important matter – how can such actions even be allowed?

Is the aim to create a nation of hatred or love?

Is the plan to promote racism or democracy?

Is the long term solution education for all or to gain votes through public display?

How can a professional population be created where racism and destruction is promoted at the very places and institutions they so desperately need? 

Democracy: all races, religion and gender have the same rights …

Don’t we all have a future to focus on?  Don’t we all have the responsibility to create balanced, educated children?  You and me alike have the responsibility to raise our children to love other people of all races and all religion.  You and me alike should motivate our children to do and achieve anything they want!

What is the solution?

Ofcourse the solution is easy: build new schools!  Build new universities.

Where will the money come from? 

Now that’s the question … in a country where the Mighty ESKOM became a dark giant and SAA Eagle will soon be flightless because of corruption, self-enrichment and fraud … where will the money come from to feed the poor, to educate the masses, to promote and empower the next generation?

Kings stay in castles and arrange gatherings to disrupt and discredit, they pay for promotion of racism and destruction … they are safely behind the fort of guards and protection, untouchable by the chaos created, the sadness we all face everyday.

Our democracy has become apartheid all over again!  I think Mr Mandela would turn in his grave if he saw what the country he fought so hard for has come to.

I am no politician, but it doesn’t take a politician to see how much damage fraud and politically motivated actions have done to a country once known as the Land of Milk and Honey!

I will not stop believing that our country is the Land of opportunities and growth.  Maybe if I believe, others believe and just maybe … maybe we will look back in the close future to see change! 


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